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BMW M sport interior

BMW servicing and maintenance in Worcester

How often should I get my BMW serviced? Most modern BMWs use “Condition-based servicing” which uses sensors around the vehicle to let you know when components require attention, such as BMW brake pad warning lights. BMW service intervals on vehicles without Condition-based servicing typically require an Inspection 1 service after 12-24 months and an Inspection…

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Christmas park scene

Absolute BM opening times over the Christmas period 2022

We would like to update everyone with the Christmas period plans for Absolute BM. We would like to take this opportunity firstly to thank all our loyal customers and followers for the support throughout this year. This support really does mean the world to a small family run business! In January 2022 we welcomed Craig…

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BMW wheel image

BMW battery replacement

All BMWs from around 2004/5 use an intelligent battery sensor to prolong the life of your BMWs main vehicle battery. The system, commonly known as IBS, ensures as your BMW battery ages, the charging is increased to allow for the battery becoming older. As the battery health deteriorates, the battery will require replacement. BMW owners…

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BMW engine bay

Timing chain failure on the BMW N47 engine

First of all, what is a timing chain? A timing chain is a very important internal part of an engine. It keeps the valves in perfect sync so they open and close at the right time. Modern BMW engines are known as “interference engines” which means that if the timing of the engine were not…

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BMW run flat tyres

Are run flat tyres right for my BMW?

Run flat tyres were introduced by BMW in 2003 on the Z4 and 5-series models. Over the years more models followed suit and now nearly all of BMWs range leaves the factory with run flat tyres. You might think this is brilliant due to not having to pull over and change a wheel immediately after…

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Absolute BM christmas 2020 opening times bmw garage worcester

Absolute BM 2020 Christmas Opening times

Absolute BM opening times over the 2020 Christmas period. We wanted to keep you up to date with the Christmas Closure plans for Absolute BM. We would like to take this opportunity firstly to thank each and every one of our loyal customers and followers for the support throughout this year. This support really does…

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BMS Recommends Shell Oil

Absolute BM recommend Powerflex

BMWs are well known for their impressive handling and driving experience. However as with everything, over time the components which contribute to this wear out and require replacement. So as BMW owners we are all used to those regular oil changes, replacement brake pads and tyres every year or so. But do we really consider…

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Image of BMW gear selector

BMW Efficient Dynamics explained

In a society where concern is growing for the environment and global warming, there is an ever-increasing need for vehicle manufacturers to go greener. This is one of the main reasons for BMW creating the Efficient Dynamics system. The primary aim of Efficient Dynamics is to lower emissions and improve fuel consumption whilst keeping the…

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Art Car Blog Warhol Image

45 years of BMW Art Cars

1975 saw the introduction of what would become an iconic part of BMWs history. The BMW Art Car collection began when Hervé Poulain asked artist, and friend to swap his canvas for a BMW. Poulain, a French racing driver, would later race this car. In fact, nine of these Art Cars competed in motorsport. There…

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BMW E90 M Sport Steering Wheel

Looking after your BMW during Coronavirus lock down

What checks should I make before driving and why? Tyre pressures Vehicles that sit for periods of time can affect the tyre pressures and if left with low pressure can damage the structure of the tyre making it unsafe for road use. To avoid this you should ensure your tyre pressures are inflated to the…

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