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BMWs are well known for their impressive handling and driving experience. However as with everything, over time the components which contribute to this wear out and require replacement.

So as BMW owners we are all used to those regular oil changes, replacement brake pads and tyres every year or so. But do we really consider everything which makes up our vehicle

What are bushings or bushes?

At suspension joints, bushes or bushings are fitted which are flexible by design. Bushings are designed to cushion and absorb movement to make the driving experience more enjoyable.

Suspension components should really have a health check every year in line with servicing. This should understandably be undertaken more often if you do higher mileage in your BMW.

E9x powerflex bushes

Signs of wear to your BMWs bushes include

  • Uneven tyre wear
  • Vibration or noises
  • Less positive feel when steering
  • Clunking when going over bumps in the road
  • Vehicle following imperfections in the road

It is possible that even when driving your BMW daily you would not notice worn bushings until you pull up at a garage for a service or health check and it is inspected.

Which bushes should I get?

From factory they are normally made from rubber but many aftermarket manufacturers have moved towards polyurethane as it is more durable and strong. Another drawback to rubber is that over time they can perish and crack and as such require replacement.

Original bushings often take time to remove especially when they are severely worn and have broken up. A direct replacement will also require special tools to fit as they need to be pressed in.

Sounds good, what about the cost?

The cost typically is about five times higher than standard bushings but you have to remember that POWERFLEX are designed to last the life of your vehicle so that initial investment now doesn’t seem so costly after all

Why Absolute BM recommend Powerflex

“POWERFLEX bushes improve your cars road holding and chassis performance”


Bushings when replaced with factory ones will perish and tear again over time and need replacing. This is why Absolute BM recommend POWERFLEX with a lifetime warranty. When fitted by us you will also benefit from a fitted warranty meaning if they required replacement this cost will be covered at no expense to yourself.

If you are interested in purchasing Powerflex bushes or having them fitted to your BMW, please fill in the enquiry form here

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