Covid-19 – Absolute BM – Essential work only


Absolute BM is now closed for non-essential work.

During this time only essential work where your vehicle is unsafe & critical to your health or wellbeing will be considered on an appointment-only basis.

We will prioritise all public healthcare or critical workers where your vehicles are required to get to, from or during the important duty you are performing for our country.

This includes; NHS, Medical Specialists, Police, Fire, Postal & Transportation.

We will offer as much of a discount as possible to critical service workers on an individual basis.

You can contact us as follows:


FB message

We would like to take this opportunity once again to thank all our customers for supporting our small family run business & to the amazing/vital front line workers for looking after us all.

If your vehicle is booked in over the next three weeks, we will be contacting you in due course to rearrange your bookings.

We look forward to getting back to work on your BMWs as soon as we can!

Best regards,

Travis Warrillow

Managing Director Absolute BM ltd 

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