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How to check the MOT Status of your car

All vehicles have to pass a compulsory MOT every year in the UK after the vehicle is over 3 years of age.

During an MOT test: A vehicle can either pass or fail - this is known as the MOT status.

When it passes an MOT, as the vehicle owner you will receive an MOT Test certificate to evidence that your car has passed and is fit for the road.

You can easily check online both the status or find out when the next MOT is due.

As of 2018, when a vehicle fails its MOT it is classed as un-roadworthy from that point.


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Check your MOT Status Online

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As always you should make sure your car ready for its MOT to avoid disappointment. should your vehicle fail because of something silly, you will only be kicking yourself. If your vehicle has failed its MOT then you will have been given a time period in which to fix whatever is wrong with it before getting it retested however as of 2019 your DVLA states that having failed your vehicle is not roadworthy therefore you should not drive it. In most cases its advisable to get your car repaired at the MOT station / garage if possible otherwise you risk driving with no MOT.

Typically when an MOT failure occurs, you will be presented with a list of the test elements that failed and what needs to be fixed in order for it to pass.

This is typically only when you leave your car with the same garage who did the MOT to complete the repairs. In this situation  only the failing elements will need to be retested. There is a 10 working day deadline from the original date of MOT.

Be Careful! You can't drive a vehicle legally without a valid MOT. You could even be prosecuted when caught driving without an MOT. Make sure to comply with the time restrictions to repair otherwise your vehicle will not be classed as un-roadworthy.