BMW Blocked DPF


BMW DPF Blocked?

Is your BMW DPF Blocked?

BMW first introduced the Diesel Particular Filter (formally known as a DPF) in circa 2004 due to strict emission targets set by the government. They have since been rolled out across the BMW diesel range.

The majority of 2006 or earlier BMW diesel engines did not have a DPF fitted & are typically more money to tax due to their higher emissions.

The filter itself gathers diesel particulates to prevent them from reaching the atmosphere. Carbon particles are trapped in the DPF filter and (especially with shorter journeys) build and eventually clog up and your BMW will need to perform a regeneration.

A DPF regeneration involves the car altering the fuel injector timings which results in the exhaust temperature increasing to a point at which the build-up of carbon should burn off.


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When Does Your BMW DPF Regenerate?

However, there are a certain number of conditions that the car must meet in order for the regeneration cycle to be triggered and ultimately successfully complete, as follows:

Over 10L of fuel in the tank - 1/4 of a tank of fuel.
20-30-minute journey time of above 40mph.
Engine must have reached it optimum temperature.

Diesel Particulate Filters often clog when a car fails to reach the above conditions for a prolonged period and thus is unable to regenerate.

In this example the exhaust becomes clogged which in turn triggers a fault code to store in the vehicles memory. When this happens it is unlikely that the DPF will regenerate without a garage forcing it to do so.

So my DPF is blocked, what are my options?

DPF Removal

Firstly removing the DPF completely is an illegal practice and will result in an instant MOT FAILURE

Removing the DPF to clean it with a jet wash and / or chemicals - Resulting in large labour bills, it often works for a little bit but will not work for long as it does not solve the underlying issue.

Replacing the DPF - Hugely expensive, a DPF can cost over a £1000 potentially more depending on your BMW model.

The Solution?

Absolute BM can determine why the DPF has blocked by first consultation with the customer and then performing a full vehicle diagnostic check.  We will test the vehicle back pressure to confirm if the filter is indeed blocked.

Code read the car so ascertain what the car diagnostics can tell us & what fault codes have been created & stored.

We work through any faults that prevent the regeneration process

We will then, using our diagnostics equipment "force a regeneration" to the ECU

Once a complete we can compare the backpressure readings and clear the relative fault codes once the issue is solved.

BMW Warning Lights

BMWs typically communicate with the driver via the BMW dashboard by a series of warning lights or BMW dashboard symbols. Each of these specifically means something and depending on the colour of the light in question, typically indicates it severity.

As such it is important to know the meaning of each illuminated symbol. Naturally BMW dashboard warning lights can differ depending on the model and year in question.

Whilst the BMW dashboard indicator will give you a guide to the issue, as you would expect in order to be completely sure what is happening a diagnostics session would be advised. This will provide accurate details as to what the issue may be or part at fault. Absolute BM offer diagnostics at competitive rates to put your mind at rest and get your BMW running issues sorted.

The BMW Dashboard warnings typically come in the following variations:

Red – Warning that requires immediate attention.

Orange & Yellow – Warning that is not critical but does requires attention asap.