Complaints Procedure for Absolute BM Ltd

Absolute BM Complaints handling procedure


1.   All formal/written complaints relating to the Company, its staff or services must firstly be brought to the attention of a Director of the Company.

2.   An investigation of the complaint will then be carried out by a Director on behalf the Company.

3.   A Director, on behalf of the Company, will provide a written response to the complainant with his/her findings within seven working days. Should further time be required for the investigation, the complainant will be contacted before the end of the seventh working day with a progress update explaining the reasons for the time extension.

4.   The investigation must be completed by the end of the tenth working day since the last contact with the complainant. Upon completion of the investigation, a letter or e-mail will be sent to the complainant explaining the Company's position. The letter or e-mail will explain the details of the investigation including factual details of the findings. The letter or email will summarise the Company's position regarding the outcome of the investigation.

5.   If the Company has not received feedback from the complainant following the outcome of the letter/email within one calendar month, the Company will assume that the matter has been fully resolved. All complaints records will be stored electronically and on hard copy in a secure folder.

6.   Where the Customer's complaint cannot be resolved, once the Customer has exhausted the Company's internal process the Customer may seek redress through the Courts system governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.


Date of last amendment:     17/04/20

Amended by:                              Abby Parry & Travis Warrillow