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Air conditioning

Most modern vehicles will have some sort of air conditioning or climate control system.

This system contains compressed gas or refrigerant which is used to demist your windscreen in winter as well as keeping your cabin nice and cool in those hot summer months.

Gas diminishes even if unused  and should be regularly checked as there will be less strain on auxiliary components when fully functioning, should try to use at least once per week

Types of Gas used

There are a few different types of vehicle refrigerant gas. You must use the correct gas for your vehicle and cannot mix them. The most common automotive air conditioning gases are detailed below


This gas was used in pre-1995 vehicles. Its use was discontinued in 2001. It is no longer available and vehicles using this gas must either use recycled R12 refrigerant from old vehicles or have their system converted to use with R134A gas.


This is the most widely used of the three. It began being used in vehicles from around 1995. Many owners of pre-1995 vehicles also converted their vehicles to use this gas too, as it is much cheaper and readily available. R134A was developed to be less harmful to the environment than R12 which was considered to be damaging to the ozone layer. Vehicles using R134A currently are likely to use this for the life of the vehicle, despite the fact that its use was superseded in 2017

HFO - R1234YF

This is the newest of the vehicle refrigerant gases which came into use from 2017. This gas is the most environmentally friendly but it is also the most expensive as it is fairly new to the market.


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Replenishing the system

A qualified technician removes the refrigerant gas from your air conditioning system and uses manufacturer recommended data to refill with the correct measured amount. Then the vehicle technician will test the system to check it is all working as should. This process should take no longer than an hour if no leaks are present and all components of the system are functioning as they should. It can only be carried out by a qualified technician trained to handle the refrigerant gas safely. It is recommended that you have the system re-gassed approximately every two years.


Bacteria within the A/C system

If the air from your air conditioning system has an unpleasant odour this could indicate bacteria within the system. To improve the air quality within your cabin area, you will need to have your vehicles micro filter replaced. If this does not solve the problem do not panic as there are other solutions. One of these is to use an air conditioning sanitising product, more commonly known as an air con bomb.