BMW Efficient Dynamics explained

In a society where concern is growing for the environment and global warming, there is an ever-increasing need for vehicle manufacturers to go greener. This is one of the main reasons for BMW creating the Efficient Dynamics system. The primary aim of Efficient Dynamics is to lower emissions and improve fuel consumption whilst keeping the BMW driving experience we all know and love.

“Tomorrows technology, today”


The main features of the Efficient Dynamics system

Efficient Dynamics was first introduced in March 2007 to the 1 series range and rolled out to the full BMW range from 2008. Energy management is one of the main features where the vehicle has the ability to store energy to reuse where it would normally be lost. The models also have a significant weight reduction and a more aerodynamic design.

Brake regeneration

BMWs clever technology is designed to hold onto and reuse the energy from braking which would normally be lost. This energy is converted and is used to charge your battery which in turn gives the engine less work to do and increases fuel economy as a result.


Gearbox modes available for the driver to select include comfort, sport, adaptive and ECO PRO. Whilst the ECO PRO mode is in use, BMW claim that fuel efficiency will increase by up to 20%. BMW Efficient Dynamics allows the driver to keep their usual driving style as the vehicle adapts automatically and the extra miles generated will show on the dashboard in blue. When energy is being collected, the needle will sit within the blue battery region.

BMW Sport interior image

Power steering system

The power steering system is powered by an electric motor. Within the Efficient Dynamics system, this motor is idle when the steering wheel is straight and comes into use when the steering wheel is turned thus saving energy as a result.

Start/Stop Technology

This system is designed to turn the engine off during more than a brief pause, such as when stopped at traffic lights. The engine will automatically restart when you are ready to move away again. This technology creates a significant reduction in emissions production fuel consumption. The clever system uses camera and GPS to make decisions on when it needs to turn the engine on and off to avoid doing so unnecessarily and potentially putting the driver in a dangerous situation.

Optimum Shift Indicator

The ideal gear to be in will always be shown on the display and, if practiced by the driver, should increase fuel economy when followed.

Common-rail injection

Fuel injection in Efficient Dynamics is monitored closely throughout the process and both fuel efficiency and power are improved as a result.


The aerodynamic features launched with the Efficient Dynamics BMW include an active spoiler, larger kidney grilles, carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) parts and several safety improvements. Air vents at the front of the vehicle open automatically when vital components need air for cooling purposes. The significant weight reduction allowed by using CFRP, which is lighter than both steel and aluminium, improves fuel consumption and handling.

Should I buy a BMW Efficient Dynamics model?

Well if you like the idea of cheap road tax and higher fuel economy whilst still in the driving seat of a BMW, why not! Vastly reduced emissions give most Efficient Dynamics models road tax at £20 a year whilst fuel economy can be vastly increased if you are happy to use ECO PRO mode, but you still have the benefit of sport mode if desired.

A limitation of the Efficient Dynamics system is that it does not effectively work when driving short distances, so it may be worth giving this a miss if you only pop to the local shop and back in your BMW. Further to this, your BMWs battery may lose charge or become unable to hold charge if you do not take it on regular long drives which could create costly repairs due to the use of an AGM battery.

It is clear BMW have put a lot of consideration into the Efficient Dynamics range. Many BMW fanatics will be happy to know they can still do their bit for the environment, save money on road tax whilst still having ownership of the Ultimate Driving Machine.

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