BMW battery replacement

All BMWs from around 2004/5 use an intelligent battery sensor to prolong the life of your BMWs main vehicle battery. The system, commonly known as IBS, ensures as your BMW battery ages, the charging is increased to allow for the battery becoming older. As the battery health deteriorates, the battery will require replacement. BMW owners first sign of a failing battery is usually that unnecessary vehicle components stop working, such as the heated rear windscreen. 

At Absolute BM, we can supply and fit genuine BMW batteries in Worcester at a very competitive price. If you think you need a replacement main vehicle battery, feel free to contact us and we will supply you with a no obligation quote. 

BMW Battery Replacement – Why register a new BMW battery?

When replacing your BMW battery, one of the things you should consider doing is checking if the old battery was registered properly before purchasing a replacement. In addition to being able to save yourself some money, you can also ensure that the new battery is compatible with your BMWs ECU (engine control unit) so that it functions correctly. At Absolute BM, we have software to check your BMW battery health, and if it is lower than it should be we would recommend a battery replacement. The replacement battery will be coded to your vehicle, telling your BMW it has a brand new battery which will ensure it is not overcharged and prolong the lifespan of the replacement part. 

When Absolute BM supply a replacement battery for your BMW, we make sure you get a replacement that matches the original ECU. This is to ensure the battery is charged correctly to the specifications which in turn will make your new BMW battery last longer.

What happens when you don’t register new BMW Battery

By skipping the new battery registration process, the ECU does not recognise the battery as new and continues to drive the charging cycle as though it was the old battery. This decreases fuel economy and significantly shortens the service life of the new and unregistered battery. Over the long run, that means you spend more money at the pump and more money in replacement batteries than you would save in not having the battery registration carried out.

A reputable and competent BMW service and repair garage such as Absolute BM understands and provides this new battery registration service where required and can help you understand the needs of your BMW.

What BMW models need to have new batteries registered?

This system began making its way into BMWs from the early 2000s, but it is expected that the majority of BMWs will have this system from late 2004-2005 build dates. The BMW 7 series was one of the first models to gain this technology, followed by the 6 series and the remaining models thereafter. If you are unsure whether you require your BMW battery registering, we can find this information for you at Absolute BM in Worcester. 

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