BMW servicing and maintenance in Worcester

How often should I get my BMW serviced?

Most modern BMWs use “Condition-based servicing” which uses sensors around the vehicle to let you know when components require attention, such as BMW brake pad warning lights.

BMW service intervals on vehicles without Condition-based servicing typically require an Inspection 1 service after 12-24 months and an Inspection 2 service after 24-48 months. If you cover a high mileage in your BMW, you should have these services carried out sooner.

Following and keeping up to date with the manufacturer service schedule can reduce costs by finding faults early and ensuring they can be repaired before they damage your BMW further. An up to date service record also reflects well in the resale value when it is time to sell your BMW.

What type of service does my BMW need?

An Inspection 1 service will involve engine oil & filter change and a replacement micro filter or two, depending on how many your BMW has. The Inspection 2 service takes a bit longer and includes replacement air filter, along with everything included in the Inspection 1 service. If you have a petrol engine the Inspection 2 service includes replacement spark plugs. If you have a diesel engine your BMW fuel filter will be changed as part of the Inspection 2 service.

At Absolute BM, we have a BMW Key Reader in house to ensure we can give your BMW exactly what it needs. Key reading gives us the data we require within seconds, so do not worry if you are unsure about your BMWs service requirements as we will be able to advise on this. We will also stamp your service book or update your BMWs online digital service record once maintenance has been completed by our technicians.

BMW brake fluid service

All BMWs which use an ABS system will use DOT 4 low viscosity fluid in their braking system. This fluid is more hygroscopic than other fluids, meaning it absorbs moisture faster and as a result your BMWs brake fluid service should be carried out every two years.

Letting your brake fluid service run overdue on your BMW can be detrimental to your braking system, causing you to lose brake performance and your BMW to become dangerous. The added moisture in the fluid can also contribute to deterioration of the brake lines, causing them to corrode from the inside out and leaving you with costly repairs.

What about other BMW maintenance?

When you bring your BMW to Absolute BM in Worcester, as part of an Inspection 2 service we carry out a FREE vehicle health check. This is a visual inspection of many vital components of your BMW including tyres, brakes and suspension components.

We use a traffic light system to inform you of the severity of the issues, with red meaning severe and needs immediate attention. In these circumstances we would contact you to discuss repairs for these components.

BMW ghost oil service

Whether you are new to the BMW world or have been a part of it for quite some time, you have probably heard the term “ghost service”. This is when an oil & filter replacement is carried out in between the manufacturers service schedule and no lights are reset. This is particularly important on some BMW engines, such as to avoid N47 timing chain failure, or on modified BMW engines.

If you are not sure whether you require a ghost service, drop us an email and we will be happy to help

Benefits of regular servicing for your BMW at Absolute BM

  • Health check from an experienced technician ensuring faults are found early, keeping costs to a minimum
  • Better fuel economy
  • BMW Specialist service history maintains the resale value

I cannot afford to get my BMW serviced at a BMW Specialist!

Absolute BM in Worcester offer Inspection 1 servicing from £199 and Inspection 2 servicing from £299, so the question is really, how can you afford not to? If you’re still not convinced, head over to our servicing page for some more in-depth information about what we can offer.

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