Powerflex “Engine Mount” – PFF5-701BLK

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Powerflex “Engine Mount” – PFF5-701BLK

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Powerflex Engine Mount suitable for a BMW 3 Series – E36 Compact (1993-2000)

Part number: PFF5-701BLK

Product notes: Tuneable engine mounts to suit your driving demands. This mount fits 6-cyl models only except the E46 Xi and Convertible models, and for the E9* it fits the M3 only. It will not fit the 4-cyl petrol engine for any models. We do not recommend fitting these mounts to diesel-engined vehicles due to excessive NVH. The Graph is showing Load against Movement, the peaks are at 5mm. PFF5-4650 is just under 200% stiffer at 5mm compression,the Black Series mount 675% over standard.

Bush Size:
Quantity Required: 2
Pack Size: 2
Weight: 1635
Diagram Ref: 50

OEM1: 22111095444, 22116779970, 22116771361
OEM2: 11811092583, 11812283798, 11817837985
OEM3: 11812228298, 11811136542
EAN: 5.06E+12

Fitting Instructions: Fitting_PFF5-4650BLK.pdf